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www.irishhealth.com: General Health Information

www.asthmasociety.ie: Asthma Society of Ireland

www.aware.ie: Aware –Helping Defeat Depression

www.breastcheck.ie: The National Breast Cancer Screening Programme

www.cervicalcheck.ie: The National Cervical Screening Programme

www.cancer.ie: Irish Cancer Society

www.rollercoaster.ie: Advice & Support on Pregnancy

www.crisispregnancy.ie: The Crisis Pregnancy Agency

www.vhi.ie: VHI Healthcare

www.quinn-healthcare.com: Quinn Healthcare

www.hibernian.ie: Hibernian Health

www.dohc.ie: Department of Health & Children

www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk: NHS Travel Health Advice 

www.yoursexualhealth.ie: Sexual Health Advice

www.medikidz.com: Medical Website for Children

www.manmatters.ie: Men’s Health Information

www.revenue.ie/forms/med1.pdf: Information on Tax Relief on Medical Expenses